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New Generation Boise County Residents

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Boise County is experiencing a new generation of residents due primarily to modern day communications.  The advent of the new cell towers in Garden Valley and Idaho City and the prospect of one in Lowman have made high speed dependable communications, both phone and Internet, a reality.  They have allowed modern talents to live and work in the beauty and wonderous life style of rural Boise County.  Little by little new folks are arriving from metropolitan areas where they used to have to work.

Mike and Tamara Johnston just arrived in Garden Valley.  Mike said recently, “I can work in my office at home just as efficiently as I used to in my office in a commercial center.  Then I can walk out on my patio and view the mountains in the quiet of nature.”  When a break comes he can walk out in his backyard to the pond and stream to fish for an hour.  He owns a logistics company arranging transportation for manufacturers to get their product to resale outlets…all by phone and on the Internet.

Bill Baker troubleshoots computer system software for worldwide customers of Cisco Systems from his home.  His hours are sometimes very late due to customers across the globe in different time zones.  His team gets on a conference call from wherever they live to immediately serve the needs of a customer thousands of miles away using networked computers.  Bill heads the Hospital Board in Garden Valley so contributes to his community as well.

Randy Welborn is a Financial Advisor near Idaho City and uses the phone and Internet over the new cell service there to earn money for his investment practice clients far away.  He owns Clear Creek Wealth Management.  He is also the President of the Idaho City Chamber of Commerce contributing to the economic development of local businesses.

All these examples illustrate the positive influence of a new generation of rural residents in Boise County.  Talent is headed our way because of the new advances of cell and Internet services in our communities.


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