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Garden Valley Motel

Home 1111 BANKS LOWMAN ROAD Garden Valley ID 83622 Work Phone: 208-462-2911Work Fax: (208) 462-4049Website: GV Motel

Garden Valley Property Rentals

Work Phone: 208-462-4620

Idaho Cabin Keepers

Home Garden Valley ID 83622 Work Phone: 208-462-3451

Middlefork Magic on the River

Vacation Home RentalContact: Steve & Bridget Wright
Work 301 Middlefork Rd. Garden Valley ID 83622 Work Phone: 208-908-1114Website: Middlefork Magic Cabin Rental

Mountain Village Resort

Work 3 Eva Falls Ave Stanley ID 83278 Work Phone: 208 774-3661Website: Mountain Village Resort

Sawtooth Lodge

Contact: Greg Simione/ Gerold Dennett
Work 636 Grandjean Rd. Lowman ID 83637 Work Phone: 208-259-3331Website: Sawtoooth Lodge

Silver Creek Plunge Family Resort

Contact: Todd Stephens
Home 2345 Silver Creek Road Garden Valley ID 83622 Work Phone: 208-739-3400Website: Silver Creek Plunge Resort

Terrace Lakes Resort

Work 101 Holiday Dr Garden Valley ID 83622 Work Phone: 208-462-3250Website: Terrace Lakes Resort

Uncle Billy Bob’s Redneck Trailer Vavation Rentals

Work 609 S Middlefork Rd Garden Valley ID 83622 Work Phone: 208-462-5262Work Fax: Fax: 208-462-3321Website: Uncle Billy Bob's Trailer Rentals

Wander Inn Motel

Contact: Maggie
Work 486 S. Middlefork Rd Crouch ID 83622 Work Phone: 208 462-2305

Warm Springs Vacation rental

Work Garden Valley ID 83622 Website: Warm Springs Vacation Rental
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